RWS .22 Pellet Model 34 Combo Rifle

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The Diana RWS 34 Break barrel rifle powered by a spring piston has been in the market for a long time now. And the fact that people have been buying it for this many years is the biggest testament to the quality of this product. Made in Europe, this slightly higher priced rifle has many features that sets it apart from the rest of the rifles in the market. However, everybody has different needs and this might not be the perfect rifle for everyone. In this review, I will breakdown all the details. Give it a read to find out if this model is the right one for you.



There is very little to say about the appearance of the Diana RWS 34. As you can see in the pictures, this air rifle has a very distinct, regal feel to it given how well-crafted the design of the rifle’s 46-inch long body is. The shades of colors and the texture go well to make this pleasing to look at.

One thing that is worth knowing is that the Diana RWS 34 models are manufactured in European models unlike the Chinese ones flooding the market nowadays. That should tell you how well-constructed the rifle is and needless to say, this rifle is built to be durable over time. The body weight of about 7.5 lbs. isn’t the lightest but it is pretty light considering that the rifle has a wooden stock instead of a cheap composite one. You can always go for a sling if you want to for those long sessions in the woods.

It is very gorgeous to look at as the pictures suggest and the beech wood stock is a great feature in itself. Apart from giving a very traditional feel to the rifle, the beech wood stock is excellent in the sense that it has great impact resistance ability due to being denser than hardwood. This is an ambidextrous rifle that comes with a raised cheekpiece and can be used by right handed and left-handed shooters with equal ease.

Perhaps the only letdown about the design of the RWS 34 are the difficulties associated with mounting a scope on this model. To work your way with this rifle, you have to use a one-piece scope mount and allow the pin to hang down infront of the 11 mm dovetail ramp on the receiver. I know this would mean that a portion of the scope will hang along the rail at the front but there is no other way to get things done. This is the only inconvenience associated with this otherwise awesome rifle.


Ease of Use

The Diana RWS 34 truly shines as far as guaranteeing a great user experience is concerned. This air rifle is very easy to use. This break barrel rifle has a very easy cocking procedure. Especially if one takes into account the monumental powers it generates. For a .22 caliber rifle that fires at 20 FPE, this rifle requires a cocking effort of 30-33 lbs. only that most adults would be comfortable with.

The Diana RWS 34 does not have a recoil pad, but the beech wood stock itself absorbs a great deal of impact from the shots leaving with very little for the shooter to deal with.

If one great thing that easily puts this rifle ahead of the rest of the models in the market, it is the two-stage adjustable trigger of the Diana RWS 34. The trigger named T06 has a very light pull of only about 1 lbs. and is a shooter’s delight. It makes the usage experience comfortable and has a nice clean break. I am sure you can deduce by now how much this trigger would help you as a shooter to improve your accuracy of shots in a consistent manner.


Noise Level

The Diana RWS 34 makes very minimal amount of noise. For the levels of power it generates, the noise is very little. It does make a momentary snapping noise when a shot is fired but that is very much tolerable and won’t necessary fetch any complaints from the neighbors.



The Diana RWS 34 continues its excellency in terms of design and comfort when it comes to performance also. This is a higher priced air rifle and has all the necessary ingredients in place to justify the price. From my research I have found that the .177 caliber model of this rifle generates shots of about 950 fps with light pellets and about 750 fps shots when fired with heavier pellets. For the .22 caliber unit, the shots have been recorded at 675-700 fps for 14.66 gr pellets. The velocity will most assuredly be higher with lighter pellets. The official claim by the manufactures is 800 fps for the .22 caliber.

That was about the velocity, but as we all know velocity is only one part of the story that makes a rifle great. The Diana RWS 34 registers foot pounds of energy that stand at 20 FPE which is more than sufficient for hunting small game. Apart from that, this rifle is highly accurate as well making it great for pest control and plinking. The Diana RWS 34 hits with extreme authority and hits precisely as well. The trigger, the rifle mechanism and the user friendly design all converge to make shooting very accurate with this rifle. At 35-50 yards, you will be able to hit targets accurately with the open sights only but beyond that, perhaps adding a scope would do the trick. Plinking ranges of 75 yards is no big deal either with this air rifle as long as you are using it right. To ensure this, I conducted further research on actual users of this rifle and most have commented positively on how easily they were able to zero in on small game with this rifle.

The RWS 34 does not come with a complimentary scope which is something I personally hated. I mean for the price, it is okay to expect one. Nevertheless, this rifle comes with open sights and those of you who are fans of open sights would definitely love it. Both the front and rear ends have fiber optic sights. Using optical fiber for the dots, the sight provided works great to help you target acquisitions really fast especially during dimly lit situations. The fact that it is totally adjustable for windage and elevation greatly reduces the need to get an actual scope to a great extent. You can always buy a decent scope though to take your game to the next level.

That was all really about this amazing air rifle from Diana. Trust me, for the great services it provides, the price is very modest. Consider the price, a one-time investment for a stellar shooting experience over long periods of time.

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