Plinking: The Importance of Getting Our Children Into It & How To Guide To Do It

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Before we get any further with this write up, let us be clear on what plinking is to begin with. Well according to, plinking is recognized as a verb which means ‘to shoot, as with a rifle, at targets selected at whim’. That precisely is what we also believe is what plinking is.

Shooting does not always have to be about survival situations or hunting animals. We can always shoot at objects too to quench the huntsman or shooter in us. Shooting at objects is a great way for sharpening our shooting skills for the bigger real life situations. Sometimes, plinking in itself is a therapy for many of us.

So what does plinking require? Does it need a big gun, ammos and a whole lot of forest area? Absolutely not! Plinking, or as we can say shooting at objects can be done in our very backyard too. And with the advent of air rifles, now anybody can get into plinking. Air rifles are cheap to buy and the pellets which are fired are economic and easy to purchase and maintain. This makes it all the more easy for one to get into the hobby of plinking or shooting at objects.

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Why Plinking for Kids?

If you are a reader of our site, chances are you are into plinking already. Or at the very least, you are familiar with what plinking is and its benefits. This article will try to elicit the importance of getting our children into the hobby of plinking early up.

You may ask, why we suggest so. In the era of playstations, games, phones and social media, it doesn’t really make sense to grow such an offbeat habit in our children. Well fact of the matter is that plinking can bring about heaps and loads of benefits for our children. And we should do everything from our side to get them into it, as plinking can be one of the ways to raise smart, successful and responsible adults for tomorrow.

Let’s have a look at the ways in which plinking helps us:

  • Hand-eye coordination: Shooting and aiming at targets improves our hand-eye coordination if nothing else. This will be a great benefit for your child as it will make them more agile and fast everywhere starting from school to workplace. Your children are bound to have an edge over their compatriots with good hand-eye coordination.
  • Focus: This is the age of fast change and instant gratification. Young children today have the least amount of attention compared to our times. Why so? They grow up amidst social media and open internet where the content is ever changing. Children today are conditioned, more than ever so, to shorten their span of attention and in fact change focus as soon as possible. This is where plinking can come very handy.

    Aiming at objects and maintaining focus, will exercise your child’s brain and help them retain attention over something for longer periods of time. After all, shooting and hitting targets is almost all about maintaining focus and ensuring that you follow through.

And what does this possibly promise? With better focus, your child can definitely acquire better grades at school and perform very well pretty much in anything that he or she chooses to do.


  • Family Time: Plinking apart from being a hobby, can be a great method for a family to spend time together as well. In today’s day and age, spending time with our children is getting harder and harder. Long work hours and with technology around for keeping the kids as well as the parents busy, its only likely for distance to sprout in parent-child relationships.

    In such circumstances, plinking can be a great way for a family to come together and spend some quality time. And it is indeed one of the best methods to strengthen the father son bond which itself rarely ever strengthens too much in a father-son relationship. Twenty years down the line, your son or daughter won’t remember how you bought them a fancy gadget or took them to a fancy restaurant but they will definitely remember the fun memories that you folks would make together. So please do so right away, preferably with target shooting on weekends.

  • Recreation: Yes, shooting and plinking is indeed a lot of fun. And you know what the best part is? It is a healthy form of fun. No lewd lyrics, no gore scenes and no pathetic storylines like the junk available in TV and Netflix nowadays. Plinking can be a great source of recreation for the children and teens after a hard week of school.

    And the young ones can have a great opportunity to socialize and mingle with others too when they are out plinking. Being socially active will help them cultivate networking and leadership skills early on in life.


How to get the kids to plink?


Now I know how hard it can be to get the kids to get into plinking. Especially more so now that they are usually addicted to their phones or computers. We parents have to be a bit creative here. For starters, I would suggest doing the following things:

  • Find interesting targets: User fun and interesting targets for them to shoot at. This can be the face of a celebrity they hate or a nice golf ball. Basically, you should use something that they find interesting as a target so that they eventually get into the habit of plinking.

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  • Rewards: You can assign them a small little reward too which will be given only if they spend a particular number of hours by plinking. This will give them something to look forward to and motivate them as well. It can be a trip to the nearby diner or anything else. Just something that will act as a motivation.
  • A nice rifle: Air rifles are cheap. The best air rifles come at very modest prices and the right ones clearly look great too. You can buy your child one and I am sure it will act as a great motivation boost for them to get into plinking. You can count on our air rifle reviews to pick out the best one.

Hopefully, this article did a good job of orienting you with how important it is to get our children into the habit of plinking. First they might complain but trust me, someday they would thank you for instilling such habits into them.


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