Hammerli 850 Air Magnum Air Rifle

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The Hammerli 850 Air Magnum Air Rifle is packed with a few great features. Certain, aspects of this rifle are so pleasant that we have decided to induct this rifle in our list of top air rifles. This C02 powered air rifle of .22 caliber can be a great asset for those who own it. However, the Hammerli 850 has its highs and a few lows too. Everything has been described in details in this review.

The Hammerli 850 Air Magnum Air Rifle comes in both .22 caliber as well as .177 caliber.  However, we strongly recommend the .22 caliber edition of this air rifle. For the purpose of this review, we have covered the .22 caliber version.


From the outside, this all black rifle which is about 41 inches long definitely has an elegant feel to it. The excellence in craftsmanship would be apparent once you see it up close. The body is well-constructed and the parts are made up with plastic and metal mostly. The metal parts are sharp looking and does not look like a poorly done job which is the case with many air rifles.

Many would have expected a wooden stock considering the price, however the Hammerli 850 features a synthetic stock. One of the primary reason why most rifle manufacturers are shifting to synthetic stocks is because they last longer. The stock is very well designed and aids the shooting experience which is talked about further in the upcoming sections of this review. Overall, the stock and the rest of the body make this rifle rugged enough to handle the rigors of hunting jobs.

And the best part is that the Hammerli 850 weighs 5 lbs. only. This has been possible due to the absence of wood from the rifle’s body. You won’t tire one bit from walking around all day with this rifle.

What makes the body of the Hammerli 850 so great is the fact that it was produced in Germany. Unlike many other air rifles, this wasn’t made in some cheap Asian factory.

Ease of Use

The Hammerli 850 is a C02 powered rifle that gathers its power from the gas canisters attached to it. Thus, this rifle does not involve any cocking like the way it is done in spring rifles nor does it involve any recoil from the cocking. The absence of these two factors greatly improve the comfort associated with using this rifle.

The Hammerli 850 requires you to carry out a cock-on-opening bolt action before taking shots. This procedure is far easier and more convenient than the cocking required in break barrel rifles. Also, this procedure makes this rifle a great choice for teen shooters or those who have joint aches or other physical problems and would love a rifle that is easy on the body.

Another, great element in this air rifle is the trigger. The smooth and fairly light pull of the trigger goes a long way in helping you deliver quality shots. The trigger pull measured at about 1 lbs. which most rifle users would be comfortable with.

One downside however are the open sights in this rifle. This rifle does not come with a scope which must be purchased separately. The fiber optic sights are not click adjustable and the rear open sight does not have windage adjustment either. You can shoot around and work your way with things a bit but given the rifle’s amazing shooting abilities, we feel that one should simply get a scope for use with it.

Level of noise

The Hammerli 850 is not quiet. We know that quietness is a big factor for our readers living in urban settings. This air rifle makes a momentary loud thumping noise when shots are fired. It is short and lasts only a second but there is still a noise though. If you are a fan of rifles that ensure absolute silence than this rifle should be overlooked. However, if a momentary thumping noise is something that you can bear with, you may go for this otherwise great rifle. In our opinion, most would be able to use this comfortably in their backyard without being at risk of receiving complaints from their neighbors.

Shooting performance

The Hammerli 850 isn’t the fastest in terms of velocity. The muzzle energy of the shots fired isn’t the highest either. Where this air rifle truly excels is in terms of accuracy. If plinking and target shooting is your things, then you should definitely consider buying this air rifle. Shooting sessions with this rifle can be a delight considering that there is no heavy cocking involved and there are a range of features that make usage very easy.

The velocity for most pellets would be around 600 fps or a bit more when it comes to the Hammerli 850. With the lightest pellets like the ones measuring 9.7 grains, you may achieve around 670 fps. The muzzle energy in most cases averaged about 12-13 FPE. This in itself, is pretty high for rifles that are powered by gas canisters. The muzzle energy would suffice for activities like pest control or hunting small game apart from plinking and target shooting.

As stated earlier, the strongest forte of the Hammerli 850 is its accuracy. You can expect to fetch some really tight groups even when it comes to ranges of about 50 yards.

The Hammerli 850 is equipped with the 8-pellet clip feature. Basically, this rifle has a rotary magazine that will allow you to fire 8 consecutive shots within a span of seconds if you want to.

The Hammerli as you already know is a C02 powered rifle which means that you will have to buy gas canisters for using this one. This rifle is best suited with canisters of 88g. You will get about 160-200 shots from an 88g can. This air rifle works smoothly with canisters of 90g also. However, you can use adapters to pair two 12g canisters together for use with this rifle.

Rest assured, using this air rifle involves recurring costs considering that you will have to keep buying canisters which cost about $15-$20 a pair. But that’s a small price for all the great features and the fact that you don’t have to go through the heavy cocking process of break barrel rifles.

All in all, this is one truly great air rifle. The impressive accuracy makes this perfect for pest control and target shooting activities. It is built well to stand the test of time and has excellent shooting abilities to compliment it too. Definitely one that you should seriously consider buying.

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