Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

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The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat is one rifle that is filled with great attributes. Starting from the user friendly design to the accurate shooting ability, this rifle is a shooter’s delight. This review will give you a detailed look into the different aspects of the rifle. You can weigh the good sides and the bad ones to decide if this is worthy of purchase or not.


The stock is usually one of the first things that a potential buyer takes into consideration when assessing the design of an air rifle. In case of the Gamo Silent Cat, it is safe to say that the rifle has one of the best possible stocks out there. From what the measurements suggest, this rifle is about 48.8 inches long and 2.5 inches thick.

The synthetic skeleton stock in this rifle has been designed thoughtfully as I believe that it has all the right ingredients to make shooting accurate. The skeleton stock makes holding the gun very comfortable. In fact, it is comparable to the experience of holding a handgun. The synthetic layer on the stock does its bit to ensure that holding the gun throughout the day is a bit more of a comfortable experience. The comfort that comes from the grip in this stock influences your shots greatly and it does eventually increase the accuracy of shots.

The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat stands at 7 lbs. when it comes to weight. Although there are lighter rifles in the market, 7 lbs. is still pretty light and comfortable for use. The fact that the stock is made of composite material instead of wood makes it possible for this rifle to be so light. I think, most of you should prefer a light rifle as it does reduce fatigue especially on those day-long shooting expeditions.


Perhaps one of the biggest highlights and one of the biggest reasons for the massive popularity of the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat is the comfort it provides to the users.

For a start, this rifle has a rubber pad attached to it. The pad does a great job in absorbing the impact of recoil. The twin cheek pads are great too. They make using the rifle comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed shooters.

The instructions that this rifle comes with suggests that it requires 30 lbs. of force for cocking. But to me it seemed like requiring only 20 lbs. of force. But I guess, the feeling will differ from person to person depending on their body strength. Nevertheless, I think most people including first time shooters would be able to cock this easily.

One area that most shooters might have a problem with is the trigger. For many, it may seem that the pull is a little too heavy. This can deter the accuracy of your shots. However, one does get used to it with time. However, it must be mentioned that the adjustable length trigger can be replaced easily if you are not comfortable with it.


The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat has the word ‘Whisper’ and ‘Silent’ to its name which would normally suggest that this is a very quiet rifle. In my opinion, it is much less noisier than other powerful rifles but cannot be considered a whisper gun or a quiet one by any means. This rifle does make significant noise despite what the name suggests.

Although the dampener built inside the rifle does reduces noise by about 52%, the Gamo Silent Cat still makes a certain level of noise that can be compared to the ones made by BB guns. But for a rifle that fires shots at about 1200 fps, this noise level is still pretty low. All in all, this rifle is still fit for use in urban environments with the noise levels being well within range to avoid unwanted attention. It’s just that I found the use of words like ‘Whisper’ and ‘Silent’ in the rifle’s name pretty deceptive.


The break barrel couples with the spring cylinder framework to make the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat rifle a pretty powerful one. With PBA Ammunition, this rifle has recorded power of about 1200 fps. But with standard leads, it comes down to about 1000 fps which is still great. The barrel along with the user friendly design makes targeting very easy. Shooters of all skill levels will find it easy with this one as far as aiming is concerned. And with the kind of power that this rifle generates, one can always expect the pellets to maintain a pretty flat trajectory that will ensure that you hit the targets accurately.

From what I can gather from its performance, the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat is best suited for pest control and hunting small games. The only thing perhaps that can get in the way of shooting is as I mentioned earlier, the trigger. The trigger in this rifle requires a heavier pull than what is required in other models. One can get comfortable with it over periods of practice, but on the bright side, the adjustable length trigger can be easily changed in this otherwise excellent rifle.

The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat comes with a complimentary scope which I would say is just about of average quality. The 4×32 scope that comes readymade with this rifle was made specifically for this model. As a result, mounting and using it is a hassle free experience. As many existing users of this rifle would agree, achieving focus with this scope can be a bit tricky. My advice would be to fire about 100-150 shots first. It is only after getting a bit used to it that that you would be able to successfully calibrate the scope and achieve the perfect aim. Within 20 feet distance, you would be able to achieve spot on accuracy. The ideal distance for this scope I would say is within 40 feet. However, you can buy a better and more specialized scope if you want to shoot over greater distances. A more specialized scope will also help improve accuracy over shorter distances too. One model of scope you can consider buying with this one is the *insert scope name*.

That sums up pretty much all that you need to know about the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat air rifle. This rifle has been one of the most popular models in the market till this date and the wide variety of features it has would tell you why that is the case. It does have a few shortcomings but they can be addressed easily.

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