Gamo Hornet Air Rifle, .177 Caliber

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One cannot possibly make a list of the best air rifles in the market without mentioning the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle. This rifle has been in the market for some time now and has proven to be one of the bestselling model also. So is the Gamo Hornet worth it? For a start, this break barrel rifle is pretty powerful and accurate. But does have a few shortcomings. In this review, every little aspect of the rifle has been broken down for you.



The Gamo Hornet is a budget priced air rifle. Considering the price, it would be unfair to expect the body of this rifle to be made of solid steel. But the material used is of top quality nonetheless ensuring that the rifle is a pretty durable one. The Gamo Hornet has an 18-inch steel barrel which is covered with good quality polymer while the stock is made of plastic.

The Gamo Hornet’s body has a non-slip texture that prevents slipping especially around the forearm and grip region. This texture aids in making shooting and hunting with this rifle easy. The twin cheek pads are another welcome feature. The pads along with the stock design makes this rifle perfect for ambidextrous shooting.



The Gamo Hornet is a pretty light rifle. The weight of this rifle amounts at 6.1 lbs only. The lightweight combined with the user friendly design goes a long way to make using this rifle a pleasant experience.

The cock pulling procedure when it comes to the Gamo Hornet is pretty convenient. And the process only gets easier with time. It requires only 30 lbs. of torque which is within doable range for most people. Those of you who have tennis elbow would love to use this rifle. Such an easy cock pulling procedure in this rifle should not trigger any kind of pain in the body.

The rubber pad in the butt plate is another welcome addition. This pad does its job excellently to absorb the impact of recoil on behalf of the rifle user.  You can expect to be ready for a new shot after firing one in no time as the padded butt plates do a great job in absorbing a shot.

The Gamo Hornet has a second-stage adjustable trigger. The trigger is pretty stiff when it is new. This may irritate you a bit initially but with use, the trigger does eventually loosen up.



The Gamo Hornet is without a doubt a pretty powerful rifle. It is well capable of recording shots in the range of 1200 fps. For that kind of power, this rifle makes only a little amount of noise. This rifle is not quite by any means. But that does not imply it is very loud either. The noise levels are well within tolerable range for most people.

To give you an idea, the noise made by this rifle amounts to 77 decibels. The noise created by a conversation between two people amounts to 58 decibels. Hopefully that will give you an idea regarding how loud the Hornet is. Unless your neighbors are really close to your backyard, they are unlikely to complain.


Performance & Accuracy

After extensively researching on this rifle, one thing can be safely concluded. This break barrel rifle is one powerful and accurate one. The Gamo Hornet is best for uses that include target shooting and for hunting smaller games like squirrels and rabbits. However considering that this is a .177 rifle, it shouldn’t be used for hunting larger animals.

From what I found, the shot power stood at 1200 fps when PBA Raptor Ammo was used and it was about 1000 fps when Lead ammunition was used. For best results, I recommend using 8-10.5 grain pellets with this rifle. These pellets have proven to provide the highest levels of accuracy.

Where the Gamo Hornet disappoints is with its scope. Although, the rifle comes with a complimentary 4×32 scope, it isn’t of much good. The most irritating aspect about the scope is that it doesn’t stay zeroed for too long. In fact, it has to be readjusted after about 150 to 200 shots. This can be a problematic issue when it comes to moving objects. And in fact, I would strongly recommend to avoid using this scope if you are planning to shoot at targets which are 35-40 yards away or beyond.

Now there are two ways of addressing the problematic scope. Firstly, you may choose to tackle the problem by making a red dot on the scope so that it helps you with proper aiming. Another option is to buy a different scope altogether. In my opinion, buying a new scope is the best possible option especially considering the fact the market is filled with high quality scopes that are pretty cheap as well.

Overall, the Gamo Hornet is a great budget rifle that keeps its promise of being powerful and accurate. In terms of performance, this rifle is absolute value for money only to be let down by its scope which is perhaps its only negative aspect. Apart from that, this rifle is a clear winner.

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