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The Crossman M4-177 is a pneumatic pump air rifle. This is a decent rifle that is priced very economically. In our opinion, this rifle isn’t fit for serious shooters or those who have taken shooting as a hobby for years now. The M4-177 from Crosman can be best described as an air rifle that is good for children and maybe a few newbie shooters who don’t want to invest in a better rifle already.

The M4-177 comes at a very economic price. And for the price, it does limited tasks only. Don’t get lured by the price and expect this rifle to do wonders for you. This air rifle review will hopefully give you a good overview about what you can expect from this Crosman rifle. Weigh in the facts to decide whether you should go for it or not.


The Crosman M4-177 as the name would suggest, looks like the M4 guns used by real soldiers in the US Army. This rifle’s appearance would not impress those of you who are into long, elegant looking rifles of the traditional design. This rifle is only 33.75 inches in length. Those of you who love the long, traditional designs that are usually 40 inches in length or more would not like this. However, this rifle surely looks slick and serious. It has striking resemblance with an actual M4 too. If that is fine with you, then the appearance of M4-177 should not bother you.

This rifle weighs only about 3.75 lbs. That makes the M4-177 perfect for use by children. It is made mostly of plastic to cut costs. But the plastic is of good quality to withstand the stress and load over the period of use.

The Crosman M4-177 features a black synthetic stock which aids in keeping the rifle light. Synthetic material by its nature is famous for lasting long over time. The stock can be adjusted over 5 varying lengths. This will allow you to customize the stock in the way that you feel most comfortable with.

Just to inform you, the Crosman M4-177 can be used with pellets as well as BBs too. One feature that I found very convenient is the procedure of loading BBs into the gun. This platform in the stock lets you store 350 BBs. In order to load them, you simply lean your rifle forward, press a switch that creates an opening inside after which you have to jar the rifle a bit so that the BB ammos are properly loaded.

Ease of Use

The Crosman M4-177 is a pneumatic pump air rifle. Rest assured, you do not have to deal with the force of recoil every time you take a shot. However, you will have to pump up the rifle before you can fire shots. For the best shots, you’ll have to pump 5-10 times. However, the pumping makes a bit of noise which can be irritating.

The Crosman M4-177 does not come with a scope. Considering the price, one shouldn’t expect them either. However, this rifle comes with open sights that comprise of a front sight and a dual aperture rear sight. Focusing and zeroing on is far easier with the dual aperture rear sight that is provided in this rifle as you have only two points to deal with. The rear sight can be moved left and right for proper adjustment while the front one can be moved up or low according to what suits you best. The sights can be removed too if you plan on buying a scope. But the sad part is that there are very few scopes in the market that work well with this rifle due to its unique design.

While the lightweight and absence of cocking like break barrel rifle makes this a great option for children and teenagers, there is one thing that a potential customer needs to remember. This air rifle requires pumping the rifle 5-10 times before each shot which can cause fatigue to the user depending on their individual strength and fitness levels.

Lastly, you will have to settle with what you get. For instance, there are no options to customize the trigger pull or anything to fit the needs of the user.

Sound Level

The M4-177 is a quiet air rifle. It doesn’t make any noise that will bother the rifle user or anyone around them. Definitely, a quality to admire in an air rifle.

Quality of shooting

The Crosman M4-177 works with pellets as well as BBs. When it comes to pellets, you can expect muzzle velocities in the range of 600 fps on average. The lightest ones will give you in the 650 fps range perhaps. With BB ammos, you will get velocity in the range of 650-660 fps.

The Crosman M4-177 as the name suggests, has a .177 caliber. From our research, we have found this air rifle to be fairly accurate. You will be able to achieve tight groups within 15-20 yard range but that is about it. This air rifle of limited capacity is not best fitted for anything more than that. And if our research shows anything, it is that this air rifle works best with Crosman pellets.

The M4-177 is best suited for target shooting, plinking and pest control. You can always use this rifle to take down small animals like birds or squirrels but nothing more than that.

So that was all about the Crosman M4-177 pneumatic pump air rifle. A budget option that is good for those who want to use an air rifle for a little while to get things started before moving on to a better option later.

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