Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle

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The Benjamin Marauder is a precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. We can conclude from our own research that this is one of the best air rifles in the market today. Sure, this rifle isn’t suited for everyone’s needs. But, majority of the people would love using this air rifle. What sets this rifle apart is the fact that it is packed with amazing features and they are mostly customizable to fit the unique needs of an individual. This PCP rifle allows the user to tune aspects like shot count, velocity, trigger pull and fill pressure. This way, a user can tailor the air rifle in a way that they are most comfortable with.

This review will breakdown the details of the rifle for you. Weigh in the pros and cons of this rifle to figure out if this one is the right pick for you. The Marauder comes in two versions with one being of .22 caliber and the other of .25 caliber. The one we strongly recommend our readers is the .22 caliber version. This review was conducted on the .22 caliber rifle.


The Benjamin Marauder is one handsome rifle. At about 42.8 inches length, this rifle covered mostly in black coating has a royal aura to it. The body has metal parts at some places while the stock is synthetic. The stock has decent padding to tackle recoil. Given the price point, we honestly expected finer material to be used and perhaps better quality of metal finish. But nonetheless, this rifle is still a very good-looking one and durable as well to stand the test of time.

The body weight for the Marauder stood at around 7 lbs. It isn’t too heavy but considering that the stock is synthetic, we felt that the manufacturers should have reduced the weight. Thankfully, the body of the rifle has swing swivels. You would definitely consider adding a sling to this for those long sessions in the outdoor environment.

When taken straight out of the packaging, the Marauder rifle would have a bolt operation set for right-handed people. However, this can be easily changed for use by left-handed people.

The cheekpiece in the Marauder is adjustable. This means you can adjust the height according to the requirements of your own physique.


Ease of Use

As we stated earlier, the Marauder is highly customizable as a rifle. This makes this rifle very easy for use for all kinds of users. PCP rifles can be a hassle with all the pumping. With all the customizable features, this rifle makes matters much easier.

The two-stage trigger is a bliss. The default setting has a trigger pull of about 3 lbs. The trigger is very user-friendly at this stage however, you can change the settings where the new trigger pull would be around 2 lbs.

The bolt action opening involving a cock-on opening action is relatively light which makes the gun easy to operate. Pulling the bolt handle to insert the magazine and pushing it back forward is all you’ll have to do to load pellets in this gun.

By the way, the Marauder allows the user to tweak the valve output and hammer spring tension settings to customize different aspects like muzzle velocity and fill pressure among other things.

As for ease of use, there is the aspect of pumping as is the case with all PCP rifles. Pumping air rifles can be tiresome. The Marauder requires pressure levels of about 3,000 PSI for optimal performance. Reaching that kind of level can be demanding as that would need around 250-300 strokes. Reaching 3,000 PSI from 2,000 however requires around 70-80 strokes. For those pumping by themselves, this rifle will give you about 30 good shots from one fill before accuracy becomes an issue.

Our advice would be using a high pressure air tank or a scuba tank for this rifle. You can rely on pumping it manually too depending on your fitness level. Nonetheless, leaving that to a tank makes shooting sessions lot more enjoyable.

Noise Level

Perhaps one reason why the Marauder is so lovable is because of the lack of noise it makes. This air rifle is quiet the most perfect sense. The air rifle has an internal shroud which ensures the impressive quietness levels. We would highly recommend this air rifle to those of you who want to keep things quiet and private when it comes to shooting.

Shooting Performance

More than anything, it is in terms of shooting that any user wants their rifle to excel. On this regard, the Benjamin Marauder does a phenomenal job.

The accuracy is just excellent with this rifle. During our research, we have found shooters achieving near nickel size groups within 30-35 yard ranges. The adjustable trigger combined with the choked barrel does a great job in aiding the shooter and help raise accuracy levels. You have to do your part in keeping pressure levels up as fall in pressure would hinder the accuracy of your shots. When it comes to target shooting, you can shoot bottles or any other object to perfection even at 50 yards.

Just to let you know, this rifle does not come with a scope and it must be bought separately.

Depending on the weight of the pellets, you can achieve velocities in the range of 850 fps to 1000 fps or more with the Marauder. The light pellets in the range of 9-14 grains would give you velocities in the 1000 fps bracket. Energy levels expelled from the gun with such pellets amount to about 23-25 Ft/lbs.

The heavier pellets such as those in 20-21 grain level have recorded speed levels of around 850-900 fps. However, they offload massive muzzle energy in the range of 33-35 ft/lbs. At this rate, you can easily consider this rifle perfect for small and medium game hunting.

Apart from all the features mentioned, the Benjamin Marauder also features a great clip feed that allows this rifle to operate as a ten shot repeater. There is a window attached to the rifle to let the user keep check of the number of pellets remaining.

Power, accuracy and extreme ease of use makes the Benjamin Marauder one of the best air rifles in the market today. Taking the price into account, this rifle is absolutely value for money for the quality of service you will be enjoying over the period of use.

NOTICE: You will have to order the scope separately when buying this air rifle. You can use your old scope with this also. Also consider purchasing a separate pump or high pressure air tank when placing an order for this amazing air rifle.

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