Best Air Rifle Reviews – The Comprehensive Guide To Picking The Right Pellet Gun

Our air rifle reviews and purchase guide will help you pick the best air rifle that fits your budget and does what you want it to do. A good air rifle is one that is accurate, fast and easy to use. But sometimes, finding out that one great air rifle can be a tough task. The market today is filled with hundreds and hundreds of rifle brands which often ends up confusing a person seeking an air rifle. This is why we have put together a collection reviews covering the best pellet guns in the market today so that you can pick the one you feel is appropriate for you.

We carried out an intensive research on the available air rifles in the market today to list down the top ten air rifles which we believe are better than the rest. We have reviewed these ten air rifles and broke down every little detail about them. We hope you will find the reviews useful to buy the air rifle that delivers everything that you want from an air rifle.

Air Rifle Reviews

1) Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle

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What makes the Marauder rifle stand out from all others is that how customizable it is to make life easy for the user. Made with plastic as well as metal parts, this is truly a handsome rifle with a regal feel to it. The Marauder is 7 lbs. heavy which most people would be able to carry easily.

The cheekpiece in this rifle can be adjusted to one’s own height. The default trigger with a pull of 3 lbs. is perfect but you can always reconfigure it to a pull of 2 lbs. You can tweak the valve output and hammer string to in order to customize the muzzle energy and velocity of the rifle.

This .22 caliber air rifle will give you velocity of about 1000 fps with light pellets. With heavier pellets like the ones in the 20 grains range, you will get lower velocities of about 850-900 fps. However, with heavier pellets you can enjoy higher knockdown powers of about 33-35 ft/lbs making it perfect for taking down small and medium games. And the air rifle is surprisingly quiet too despite the power it generates. The Marauder balances velocities perfectly to keep the shots accurate. Our observations found shooters shooting at 50 yards range with perfection.

However, do remember that this air rifle requires manual pumping. But the best way to use this is with a high pressure tank. Purchase a tank and a good scope and this rifle would be one of the best things ever for any air rifle lover.

The Marauder is an amazing rifle. Think twice before letting this one go. Click here to read the full review. Find out one of the best price for this air rifle here.


2) Gamo Hornet Air Rifle, .177 Caliber

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The Gamo Hornet has been successfully selling for years now. Coming at a budget price, the Gamo Hornet is absolutely value for money.

What you will love before anything else about the Gamo Hornet is how light it is. At 6.1 lbs. carrying this air rifle is a breeze. The body is made of polymer and good-quality plastic that is capable of lasting long.

The non-slip texture of the rifle allows for a firm and strong hold. The stock is fit for both right and left handed shooters and comes with pad to absorb recoil.

The Gamo Hornet is a .177 caliber air rifle and records high velocities too. During our research, we found that with lead pellets, the speed registered was in the range of 1000 fps. With PBA ammunition, it spikes up to 1200 fps. From what we found, you can enjoy great levels of accuracy with the Gamo Hornet if you use pellets that are in the 8-10.5 grains range.

We strongly suggest that you get a new scope for use with this rifle. The complimentary one does a reasonable job and requires readjusting after every 150-200 shots. Moreover, the air rifle makes a bit of noise too. This air rifle might be a problem for those who have neighbors living too close to their backyard but that will differ person to person.

Details about the Gamo Hornet is written in the full review. Click here to read it or you can check out one of the best prices by clicking here.


3) Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

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A user friendly design and good shooting ability is what makes the Silent Cat great.

At 7.1 lbs. the Silent Cat has a reasonable weight that most would be comfortable with. The 48.8 inches long body is made of good quality material and you can expect this to last long. What we loved the most is the stock. The synthetic material used forms a texture that allows a firm grip over the rifle which in turn improves accuracy. The twin cheek pads make this air rifle an ambidextrous one and the stock has padding to absorb shocks of recoil too.

The trigger pull can be readjusted for those who find it too stiff which is a relief. And the cocking force required stood at around 30 lbs. which is the common standard for most break-barrel rifles.

The Whisper Silent Cat shoots at pretty fast pace. With lead pellets, the velocity stood at about 1000 fps. And with PBA, the speeds were about 1200 fps. And the accuracy is amazing with this rifle. The user-friendly design and the flat trajectory that comes with such high velocities are things that will greatly improve the accuracy of your shots.

The complimentary scope is great within 10-15 yards but you are better off with a new scope for longer ranges. Speaking of sound, the Whisper Silent Cat isn’t completely ‘silent’. It makes a momentary noise comparable to that of BB guns.

Overall, the Whisper Silent Cat is one of the best pellet rifles out there in the market today. Read more about it in this full review here.

Click here to find out one of the best prices.


4) Diana RWS 34 Break barrel Rifle

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Firstly, traditionalists would love this rifle because it comes with an ambidextrous, wooden stock. The stock doesn’t have a buttpad but the beech wood material that it is made of absorbs most of the recoil from shots. It weighs 7.5 lbs. which many can carry around easily however you can always add a sling to it. We found the trigger pull of 1 lbs. to be perfect. You can reconfigure this if you want.

The .177 caliber version registered speeds of upto 750-950 fps during our research. The velocities vary with the weight of the pellets. In the .22 caliber version of this rifle, velocities were as high as 700 fps. We found that the knockdown power is massive too. The RWS 34 recorded around 20 FPE with its shots and was quiet with the shots too. Small game hunting and pest control are things that this air rifle can handle easily. The accuracy of the shots is pretty impressive too. You can use the RWS 34 for plinking in the 70-75 yards range too. The RWS 34 does not come with scopes. However, we found the open sights provided to be easy to use. It allows you to adjust windage and elevation. You can always buy a scope separately.

To conclude, the RWS 34 is truly a great piece of rifle in most ways. Click here to read our full review of the rifle. You can check out one of the best prices for the rifle by clicking here.


5) Gamo Big Cat 1200 and 1250 air rifle

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The Gamo Big Cat Air Rifle comes both at .177 caliber and .22 caliber. While both are great, we recommend the .177 caliber version.

Made mostly of plastic and composite material, the Big Cat is built to last long. We loved the lightweight amounting to 6.5 lbs. only. Also, we liked the textured grip in the air rifle as it helps to get a strong and firm hold. The stock is ambidextrous with padding that absorbs a great deal of the recoil’s force. And the cocking effort requires a modest force of about 30 lbs. that most would be comfortable with.

The Gamo Big Cat is a speed demon when it comes to velocity registering about 1000 fps with lead and around 1200-1250 fps with alloy pellets. To add to this, the knockdown power of the Big Cat is amazing too. With lead pellets, the muzzle energy is about 17-18 FPE while it is around 16 FPE with PBA ammunition. This makes this rifle capable of taking down raccoons and small varmints apart from being used for pest control and target shooting.

At 30-35 yards range, the Big Cat is very accurate. And with the right kind of platinum pellets, this air rifle can pick up tight groups in the 100 yard range too. The Big Cat is pretty quiet with lead pellets however makes a little more noise with the alloy ones which are lighter.

All in all, this is one of the greatest air rifles that one can put their hands on.

Click here to read the full review or check out one of the best prices by clicking here.


6) Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 .177 Caliber Nitro Piston Air Rifle with Hardwood Stock

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The Benjamin Trail is one long air rifle measuring 49 inches. The traditional stock is made of hardwood and is ambidextrous too. The textured grip in it is praiseworthy. The grip helps reduce slippage especially when your fingers are sweaty. But, the air rifle weighs a bit heavy at 8.5 lbs. Not a problem for most men but we would have liked it more if it was lighter.

This air rifle doesn’t cause a huge recoil due to its gas-powered mechanism which is why it doesn’t have pads. Considering the length and weight, we feel that the Benjamin Trail is best suited for men.

One more thing we would like to add is that this air rifle requires cocking effort of about 40-50 lbs. If you are decently fit, you can get by with it easily. The Benjamin Trail makes far lesser noise than spring air rifles. It is even quieter with heavier pellets.

The Benjamin Trail fires fast and hard. It recorded speeds of about 1100 fps with alloy pellets and around 900-950 fps with lead pellets during our observations. And it is amazingly accurate. Within 25 yards, you’ll have no problem hitting targets. If you are on the skilled enough, 50 yards would be no issue either. The complimentary scope is amazing too for a scope that comes for free. It remained zeroed in even after 250-300 shots.

The only bummer for you might be the trigger pull which is a bit stiff. Thankfully, you can reconfigure that too.

Click here to read the full review on this amazing rifle. You can find out one of the best prices for it here.

7) Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle

To start off, the Blackhawk has a strong and sturdy body made of good quality composite material. The downside however is that it is on the heavier side measuring 9 lbs. The weight might be a problem for some people. The ambidextrous stock has decent padding to absorb recoil best pellet rifleafter shots. We found the cocking effort to measure about 30 lbs. This is pretty much the usual for leading spring air rifles in the market.

The Ruger Blackhawk which has .177 caliber is a speed demon. With light pellets you can easily fetch velocities of about 1400-1500 fps. And with heavier pellets, the speed range is about 1000 fps. With great speed, the Blackhawk impressed us with its accuracy too. With heavy pellets that have flatter trajectory, you can hit in the 75-100 yard range with success. Not to mention, it is amazingly accurate over shorter distances too.

The complimentary 4×32 scope that the Blackhawk provides is pretty good. It will suffice as long as your range is within 50 yards but beyond that you’ll need to replace this for a more sophisticated alternative. As for the noise levels, this air rifle makes a bit of a loud popping noise when fired but that’s about it.

Overall, the Ruger Blackhawk Combo has all the ingredients to be a great buy.

Click here to read the full review or here to check out one of the best prices.


8) Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) powered by Nitro Piston

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The Crosman Nitro Venom of .22 caliber is amongst the best pellet guns in the market today. We love the tradional look of the rifle with its steel barrel and hardwood stock. The stock is ambidextrous too.

It does have a sleek and stylish feel to it. Coming in at about 44.5 inches in length, we would not recommend this for teenagers. The wider forearm and the recoil absorption pads do their bit to increase comfort for the shooter. However, the Nitro Venom rifle is slightly heavier by a couple of pounds than other air rifles that are considered to be lightweight.

The Nitro Venom puts together a great performance in shooting by combining both speed and accuracy. With lead pellets, this rifle registered speeds around 800 fps. With alloy pellets, velocities were in the range of 950 fps. While the Nitro Venom was deadly accurate in the 30-35 yard range, it was also accurate in the 50-60 yards range too. And to add to that, we loved how it is also a quiet rifle.

The Nitro Venom has two downsides. Firstly, the cocking effort was measured at 35 lbs. This would require some effort from the user but most will get by easily though. Secondly, the scope that this rifle comes with is rather poor and requires readjusting focus after zooming. We suggest getting a better and more sophisticated scope to do justice to the great shooting ability of the rifle.

Click here to read the full review or here to find out one of the best prices for this air rifle.


9) Hammerli 850 Air Magnum C02 Air Rifle

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The Hammerli 850 Air Magnum rifle is one of the best pellet gun that you can buy in the C02 powered air rifle category.

The Hammerli 850 is one handsome air rifle. The body is finely constructed and user-friendly too. Our full review here covers the construct and design in details.

To power the Hammerli, you’ll have to use canisters of either 12g, 88g or 90g. An 88g canister will give you around 160-200 shots. This rifle thankfully doesn’t require pumping or cocking.

With velocities in the range of 600-670 fps depending on the weight of pellets used, the Hammerli 850 is best suited for plinking, target shooting, pest control and small game hunting. The muzzle energy recorded by this rifle during our research was in the range 12-13 FPE which qualifies this for small game hunting.

What we loved the most is the accuracy. During our research, this air rifle fetched really tight groups even within 50 yards range. The trigger pull of about 1 lbs. is smooth and comfortable for use too.

We wish the Hammerli came with scopes. It does come with fiber optic sights which you can get used to but for best experience, one should definitely use a scope. Secondly, this air rifle is not absolutely quiet. Nothing serious or too irritating, but it does make a cracking noise which is a bit loud but thankfully lasts only a second.

All in all, this is one of the best air rifles one could possibly put their hands on.

Click here to read the full review and here to find out one of the best prices for this amazing air rifle.


10) Crosman Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle .177 Caliber

This Crosman M4-177 can be a great option for newbie shooters who want a simple air rifle or are looking for a budget option. Although priced low, the downside is that the rifle’s abilities are limited too. Nonetheless, it is good for limited tasks.

The M4-177’s appearance is inspired by the real M4 used by US Army. It doesn’t look like traditional rifles. However, it has a slick and serious feel to it. The 3.5 lbs. weight of the rifle makes it perfect for kids and teens.

The open sights provided are adjustable and so is the synthetic stock which can be adjusted across 5 varying lengths. As a pneumatic rifle, you don’t have to make a cocking effort. However, you will have to pump this manually 5-10 times before each shot.

The M4-177 is a .177 caliber air rifle and can shoot both BBs and pellets. During our research, registered speeds were mostly in the range of 600 fps for pellets and 650 fps for BB ammos. This rifle is best suited for plinking and target shooting. You can take down really small games like squirrels and birds too. And the rifle is surprisingly quiet too.

The negatives of the M4-177 are that it isn’t great over ranges beyond 20 yards. Also the absence of scope is another issue. Other than that, this is a great air rifle with limited abilities.

Click here to read the full review. Click here to find out one of the best prices for it.

8 Factors to Consider So That You Can Pick The Best Air Rifle For Your Needs

It is easy to find yourself confused when it comes to deciding which air rifle to buy. With the market being flooded with hundreds of models of varying types, it is hard to assess at times which rifle is the best one for you. Choosing the best air rifle for your needs however does not have to be that difficult. At the end of the day, it comes down to a few basic things. In this guide, you will learn of the key aspects to consider before making the purchase.

  • Propulsion Method: Before everything else, first you must decide on the type of air rifle you want based on the source of power. You can either pick a CO2 Powered Air rifle or Pneumatic Air Rifle or a Spring Air Rifle.If you want a rifle that is on the cheaper side and does not require you to pump it before each shot, then you can settle for CO2 Powered Air Rifle. These rifles are perfect for plinking and target shooting but the power of shots are much lower than other types.If you are new to shooting, you would love Pneumatic rifles. They are cheap. However, using them involves some labor as they need pumping before each shot.Spring rifles are the strongest of the lot. They are perfect for small game hunting. With really high shot powers which amount to 1000 fps on average, users are bound to enjoy using them.You can learn more about different propulsion methods in the upcoming sections of this page.
  • Muzzle energy: This basically refers to the energy recorded in pellets as they are ejected out of the gun at high force after the trigger is pulled. While speed levels are important, so is the muzzle energy. The force at which the pellet fired by you hits your target will largely determine how successful and fulfilling your hunting session would be.Let us give you a common rule of thumb. If you want to take down games within close range of about 30-35 yards, your rifle needs to generate powers of about 12 FPE. For longer ranges of about 45-50 yards, you would need an air rifle with a knockdown power of about 30 FPE.Our reviews of different models will let you know about how much power each of the best air rifles in the market generate. We would let you know the kind of FPE you can enjoy from your shots with varying kinds of pellets.
  • Accuracy: Sometimes we tend to forget about this vital aspect when assessing different air rifle models. If you are looking to buy an air rifle, it is very likely that you would be using it for small game hunting. When it comes to small game hunting, accuracy from the rifle’s part is a must regardless of the shooter’s skill level. It is always a good idea to settle for a rifle that has a high shot power as high velocities usually reduce the risk of the pellet moving off track after being fired.Keep an eye on the air rifle reviews on this site of different models. The quality of accuracy of each model is discussed in its individual review to help you buy the perfect one.
  • Scopes: A popular use of air rifles is to hunt small game. And when it comes to hunting small games, air rifle scopes come in very handy. Many air rifles nowadays come with a scope attached to it. Otherwise, you can buy one separately too. You may already have one that you used with earlier rifles.However, always remember that firearm scopes are vastly different from the ones used with air rifles. So while buying a scope, do make sure that it was made for air rifles and pellet guns.Moreover, always make sure that the air rifle scope you are buying matches with the propulsion method of your air rifle. Scopes usually have different cushioning which is why a scope meant for a CO2 Powered Air Rifle won’t be compatible with a spring rifle and so on.  Usually, scopes for popular air rifle models are readily available at shops.
    air rifle scope

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  • Sound: The thing about air rifles that one needs to look at before purchasing one is how much noise a particular air rifle makes. Some of the best pellet rifles are extremely quite while others are on the noisy side. Then there are rifles too that make just a momentary loud snap which is loud but not distressing enough to cause irritation for those nearby.Ideally, people should be looking for an air rifle that is somewhat quite. Quietness should be a high priority for those who plan on practicing target shooting in their backyard while there are neighbors nearby. The best air rifles in the market today make at most a momentary loud noise that lasts only a second or are completely quiet with their operation. The models recommended by us on this site are no different. Still we recommend that you read the air rifle reviews in this site as we describe the noise levels of a pellet rifle in its individual review.
  • Pellets: The pellets you use are bound to affect the type of air rifle you buy. Most common pellets for air rifles include:
  1. Domed Pellets: Majority of the best air rifles in the market today use domed pellets. As shown in the picture, they are shaped like domes especially on the top. These pellets have the best aerodynamics which gives them a good spin after being fired. And the better accuracy which they enjoy due to their shape makes them a great choice for small game hunting.
  2. Wadcutters: These are great pellets too and have their own unique use. They are flatter at the top which means they would be less    penetrative compared to others. Wadcutter pellets are best used with low-velocity rifles with its ideal range being within 25 yards. Beyond that, they are usually ineffective. They are very accurate which makes them great for target shooting.
  3. Hollowpoint Pellets: What makes these pellets special is in the fact that they allow maximum energy transfer. They are a great pellet for hunting.
  4. Pointed Pellets: As the name suggests, these pellets usually have a sharp top. They offer a great load of penetration and are great for hunting.
air rifle pellets

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  • Additional Features: With time, a lot of innovation has taken place and the best air rifles today come with a lot of additional features apart from the essential ones. Some additional features that are highly user convenient include:a) Butt Padding: Many of you who are occasional shooters are well aware with the discomfort that arises sometimes as a result of recoil. If you are one such sufferer, you would love an air rifle that has butt padding. This padding covers the butt region of rifles to absorb the sudden force that is exerted after firing a shot. Thus, this extra layer ensures that you never suffer from any kind of pain. Ideally, the best padding are those which are made of rubber.
  • Trigger Safety: As the old saying goes, safety comes first. And safety should indeed be a priority no matter how much of a seasoned shooter you are. This mechanism when activated, prevents the trigger from moving rearward. This feature makes way for greater safety especially during those moments when you are reloading.

Decoding the Different Air Rifle Calibers Among The Best Air Rifles In The Market

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Air rifles come in various calibers. For those of you who are new to this, caliber is essentially the diameter of the rifle’s barrel. Greater caliber means you can use larger pellets with your rifle. Ideally, there are four possible calibers for air rifles which include .177, .20, .22 and .25. Which one you need will depend mostly on how you intend to use them. Each caliber has been described for you below.

.177 Caliber Air Rifles

.177 Caliber air rifles are the most common among all. They can be used for firing both BBs and pellets. They are usually small in size and light however very fast. On average, rifles with .177 caliber measure at 1000 fps but some can go as high as 1250 fps. The high velocity ensures that they have flattest trajectory among all calibers. This will ensure that you achieve the best possible levels of accuracy. The high velocities also mean that the penetration is great with these rifles.

.177 Caliber Air rifles are great for a broad range of activities. They are a great companion for target practice as well as plinking and pest control. The ones in the range 1000 fps can be used for hunting squirrels and rodents as well.

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.20 Caliber Air Rifles

.20 Caliber Air Rifles have high velocity and decently flat trajectory but what sets them apart is that they have a higher knockdown when compared to a .177 Caliber Air Rifle. On average, pellets from a .20 Caliber rifle have 40% more energy than those from .177. The downrange provided by them are great for small game hunting and the best results can be found when used in close ranges of 25-30 yards.

.22 Caliber Air Rifle

.22 Caliber air rifles have lower velocities than the .177 rifles but have the highest downrange knockdown power. The lower velocities also mean that they do not have the flattest trajectory that you would have liked. However they have the best knockdown power and thus are great for small game hunting and larger pests like raccoons, crows, etc. Given their less than flattest trajectory, one should fire with them from ranges of about 40-50 yards for best results which is more than good enough in most cases.

Ideally, air rifles of .22 caliber are the best choice for hunting mid-sized games while the .177 caliber rifles are best suited for smaller game like birds and squirrels. Some of the best air rifles in the market today come in .22 caliber and can be used for a diverse range of things ranging from target practice to taking down games that are on the larger side.

pellet gun reviews

Ruger Blackhawk Combo is a great air rifle of .22 caliber.
Source: Official Website of Ruger

.25 Caliber Air Rifles

.25 Caliber Air rifles are perhaps the least popular in US markets. They usually have lower velocities ranging from 650-1250 fps in most cases. However, they use very heavy pellets compared to others and have a high energy downrange. This makes them a great pick for small game hunting. .25 Caliber Air rifles are best used within shorter ranges of 50 yards or less.

That was all about air rifles of different calibers. In most cases, the best air rifles in today’s market come with either .177 or .22 caliber. The air rifle reviews provided in this site will breakdown the caliber of each rifle in its individual review to help make it easier for you to choose a rifle.

The 3 Different Sources of Power Used By The Best Pellet Guns

Air rifles can be classified on the basis of their power source. Mainly, there are three types of air rifles with differing power sources. Each has its own kind of strengths. The features and attributes of each kind of air rifle are broken down below.

  • CO2 Powered Air RiflesCO2 Powered air rifles mainly use cartridges of compressed gas as their power source. These cartridges are also called C02 canisters. This method is most common among semi-automatic rifles.The biggest advantage that CO2 rifles provide is that they do not require pumping before each shot. From a cartridge which has a volume of 12g, you can expect to easily take around 50 shots. Depending on the model of the rifle being used, you can use cartridges of varying volumes. Some CO2 powered rifles allow semi-automatic firing as well if the rifle is equipped with such a feature.The biggest advantage that CO2 powered air rifles come with is the fact that they are relatively cheap and easy on the pockets. Moreover, this type of rifles are perfect for plinking and target shooting.The drawback however is with power. CO2 Powered air rifles generally have less power than other types of rifles. They measure 600 fps on average compared to other rifle types that measure 700-1250 fps. If you raise your budget a bit, you can always find a CO2 Powered air rifle that is in the range of 700 fps. Another drawback is the fact that CO2 Powered air rifles have maintenance costs as you will have to buy CO2 canisters over the period of usage.
  • Pneumatic Air Rifles: Pneumatic Air Rifles have a simple mechanism. It comes with a pumping lever that must be pumped to fill air into a chamber. On average, one has to pump 5-10 times before taking a shot. Usually the more you pump, the more powerful the shots are. Pneumatic air rifles allow both BBs and pellets.Pneumatic air rifles are perfect for young people and those who are new with shooting. Given its simple mechanism, they are cheap as well. Pneumatic rifles are best suited for plinking and target shooting. It allows you to vary the power of your shot each time.However, using pneumatic air rifles require more labor as you need to pump them. And the quality of the overall frame of the rifle might be poor if they are on the cheaper side.
  • Spring Air Rifles: Spring rifles come in various designs. However all of them follow a common methodology. They compress air in a chamber to generate power. In break barrel designs, the user has to pull the barrel down in order to cock the spring. Afterwards, you simply put the pellet into the barrel and swing it when you are ready to take a shot. In sidelever designs, the user has to pull down the lever located on the side. This creates an opening on the breach for the pellet to go. In case of under lever designs, the cocking lever is located underneath the barrel.The biggest highlight of spring air rifles is their power. On average, they have a power of about 1000 fps. This makes spring air rifles a perfect fit for target shooting, pest control and for hunting small games. And the increased velocity means that there is minimal chances of shots going wayward. These rifles are very accurate too. Spring air rifles come in both .22 and .177 caliber.Among drawbacks, most spring rifles require loading pellet after each shot. Perhaps the biggest drawback with spring rifles is that they are hard to cock. Young people and some women might find using them hard as most rifles take about 25 lbs. of pressure to cock. However, some of the best air rifles in the spring rifle category have been listed on this site which are very easy to cock thanks to more sophisticated design. Keep an eye on the reviews to find them out.

5 Biggest Reasons to Buy an Air Rifle

Air rifles and air guns have good reasons for the massive upsurge in popularity that they have witnessed in the recent years. The convenience that air rifles provide play well with the situations and circumstances of the modern life. If you are planning on buying a survival weapon, then most definitely considering buying an air rifle. Some of the biggest benefits of having a pellet rifle are:

  • User-friendly: If you are still new with hunting or perhaps identify yourself as an amateur, then you will love using an air rifle before moving onto proper firearms. The air rifles are designed with precision so that you can point nicely at your target. You can further couple your rifle with a scope to attain greater accuracy. And given you light they are compared to actual guns, air rifles are very easy to aim with. Thus, newbies and amateurs would love such a rifle to sharpen their skills.For fast, convenient and hassle-free practicing or hunting, professionals and experienced people can use air rifles too. Anyone at any skill level will find them useful as they can be used for a variety of reasons.
  • No legal hassle: Air rifles use compressed air to fire pellets. This mechanism is common for all pellet rifles. Thus, it is safe to say
    air rifles are legal

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    thatthese rifles are not exactly firearms. The government thankfully, does not recognize them as such either. Thus you will be free to use them regardless of which state you live in as there is no legal restriction regarding their usage. In fact, air rifles can be bought from shops or sites like Amazon easily without having to go through any legal paperwork.

  • Little maintenance: A lot of gun lovers can relate to the fact that maintaining ammunition is difficult. Sometimes, life gets in the way causing us to stay away from our guns for a long time. We only come back after a period to find out that the ammunition is no longer fit for use. Fortunately, this is not a problem with pellet rifles. Such rifles use pellets and does not involve any ammo or powder. Thus, time restrictions before which it must be used does not apply for these rifles.
  • Multipurpose: No matter what your intentions are, you can use an air rifle for it. Well for most part of it. Air rifles, due to its characteristics, is a great option for helping you with target practice. You can use this rifle for plinking as well. Depending on the model, air rifles can be used for hunting games of varying shapes and sizes.
  • Quietness: Unlike firearms, air rifles are extremely quiet. So if you are in the mood to do some plinking or perhaps practice target
    quiet air rifles

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    shooting a little, you won’t have to bother about your surroundings. These rifles make very little to no noise at all ensuring that your neighbors will not complain.The quietness that the best pellet guns come with prove to be useful during hunting situations as well. A quiet gun means that there is little chance of it to scare off your potential game.

The above were some of the biggest reasons that make air rifles so much popular all over the United States of America. Of course, individuals can have their own personal reasons too for loving air rifles. If you are considering to buy one and need help with your purchase, do make sure to give the air rifle reviews on this site a read. This site has covered all the leading and best air rifle models available in the market today.

6 Safety Tips to Follow When Using Air Rifles

air rifle safety

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While air rifles are definitely not as dangerous as firearms, there should not be any doubt that they too are capable of doing damage. The pellets that are fired at high force through compressed air can cause lasting damage if mishandled. Thus it is very important to apply the highest levels of precaution and discretion when using an air rifle. Some key safety tips to remember when it comes to using air rifles include:

  • Muzzle Direction: The rifle user should always ensure that the muzzle is always pointing towards a safe direction. In fact, this should be kept in mind throughout the entire period of using an air rifle especially for those times when you’re not firing. The safest bet is to position the rifle in such a way that the muzzle is always pointing towards the sky. This is a surefire way to ensure utmost safety for everyone nearby.
  • The safer way of taking stance: Apart from the moment when you shoot, you should always try to keep your finger off the trigger as much as possible. And this should be maintained right until the moment you actually fire. Even during those moments when you are preparing for a shot, keep your fingers off the trigger. Only after you have positioned the rifle properly for a shot should you place your finger above the trigger.
  • Safe firing: It is extremely easy to lose focus when you divert all your attention towards your target. However, one should always consider the things that might be in the region surrounding the target before they shoot. In case you miss your aim, you might end up shooting something unintended.
  • Safe loading: It is absolutely essential that you only load your rifle once you are ready to fire and not a moment before that. One can’t stress the perils and dangers that come with walking around or moving with a loaded rifle. Accidents can happen at the hunting areas or even inside cars or homes when you are moving with a loaded rifle. And the thing about accidents is that they are always unintentional and make their way no matter how wisely you may have seemed to handle things. Thus, a loaded rifle should be a big NO-NO at all times. Only load your rifle when you are sure that you are going to fire a shot.
  • Leaving rifle unattended: This is perhaps most important for new parents. If you have kids in the house, please make sure that you lock them up well when storing them after use.
  • If you plan on going camping or hiking with your rifle, always make sure that you never climb with a loaded rifle. On most occasions, you will never be able to control which way your muzzle aims as you climb and unforeseen accidents can always happen on the go. Therefore, the best bet is to only load or cock your rifle once you have reached at your desired spot after climbing.

Some of the key safety instructions have been listed above. As simple as they may sound, many often make the mistake of not following them properly. Shooting is a passion we all share. And when we are out shooting we should be making sure that we experience nothing but joy from it. As responsible shooters, we should follow the aforementioned instructions properly to ensure our own safety and of those around us.

5 Storage Tips to Follow To Make Your Air Rifle Last Long

Air rifles, unlike other weapons, are very easy to store. However, one must follow some essential codes even when it comes to the storage of these rifles. Some essential storage tips concerning air rifles include:

  • Always ensure that it is never left loaded: There is always room for making a mistake for the first time. And there is always the chance that one will store his or her rifle after use while it is loaded. This puts the user and those around them under great threat as accident can happen in multiple ways when the owner tries to bring the rifle out from where its storage.
  • Keep it away from reach of kids: Due to the fact that is not a firearm, some people tend to get heedless with air rifles. Fact of the matter is, air rifles can still prove to be very dangerous weapons. One cannot stress how important it is for any rifle owner to ensure that they keep their rifles away from the kids. You are advised to store your rifle at a place where any kid will not be able to gain access easily.
  • Air rifles are basically very easy to store. And in fact, making a storage system for your rifle is very easy to prepare. All you will need is a PVC pipe that is a bit lengthier than your rifle and 2 end caps. That is essentially, all you will be needing to make a compartment to store your air rifle. Depending on the size of the pipe you are using, you can also store pellet tins and cleaning kit along with your rifle. This method is most useful and handy during crisis situations.
  • Apart from the method mentioned above, you can always opt for a gun safe as a means of storage for your air rifle.
  • This is an aspect where Airgun Depot agrees with us. When storing an air rifle and moving around the city with it, it is always a good idea to cover up the weapon. Leaving the air rifle out for strangers to see can instill unintended fear and can sometimes call unwanted attention.

The above were some of the key storage tips concerning air rifles. The main principle when it comes to storing and handling air rifles is to prioritize your logic more than anything else and take those steps that will ensure the highest safety and security for everyone around.

We at Wise Buyers Club hope that our air rifle reviews and guide will come in handy to help you find the best air rifle that meets all your requirements. Shooting is therapy for most of us. And the therapy gets a lot better when we have one of the best pellet gun in our hands.